What Makes A Besca Different

Low Carbon Steel

In the very beginning, Besca used stainless steel for drums. After user feedback, we decided to make the switch to low carbon steel. Stainless steel drums conduct heat very well, sometimes too well—the high heat conductivity can lead to scorching and burned spots on the coffee. Low carbon steel, by comparison, has lower heat conductivity than stainless steel and is easier to work with, thus allowing for more even roasts. Low carbon steel is also durable and reliable, allowing for the roaster to be used to its full potential.

Double Walled Drum

While most coffee roasters have double walled drums, very few offer it as standard. Usually, it is an option or only offered on the larger models—at Besca, every roaster comes with a double-walled drum as standard, thus enhancing and maintaining the ideal convective roasting temperatures. This allows for higher initial heat (“drop” or “charge temp), less scorching, and better heat retention throughout the roast.

Stronger Fans

Besca exhaust and cooling fans are stronger than other brands. A powerful exhaust fan gives you a broader control over airflow range, which allows for more consistent roasts. A strong cooling fan, meanwhile, allows for efficient cooling of the roasted beans, thus avoiding the problem of the freshly roasted beans baking as they cool slowly in the tray.

Thick Heat Isolation

Besca commercial coffee roasters have thicker body isolation than most brands, which prevents heat loss and allows for more efficient roasting.

Cast Iron Front Plate

Cast iron has very low heat conduction, which is why we use it for the front plate on the roaster. This prevents heat loss and allows for more consistent heat distribution within the drum.


Many coffee roaster brands have only one thermocouple, used to measure bean temperature inside the drum. Besca roasters have two thermocouples, one for bean temperature and one for exhaust temperature, allowing for more accurate data collection and roast profiling.

Control Panel

Unlike many companies, Besca commercial coffee roasters have a separate control panel, which allows the flexibility of adjusting the location to the operators’ preference.


Besca controls allow the operator to control flame, exhaust fan speed, and drum speed. These variables are key to roasting the best coffee possible and give the operator the most flexibility while allowing complete command over the roast.

PC Connection

All our models can be connected to an external computer through a USB port. This allows operators to connect to well-known roast profiling software such as Artisan and Cropster. If the machine is the automatic version, it is also possible to control the roasting process through Artisan. Artisan is a free, open-source roast profiling system used worldwide, and the latest version includes a setup file for Besca roasters.

A manual roaster is exactly what it sounds like: a simple, user-controlled setup. The operator controls the drum speed, fan speed and flame intensity with digital controls. Besca roasters can connect to third-party profiling software in order to track and log roasts, but each roast is always under control of the operator.

With our automated roasters, a touchscreen control desk puts the profiling software and roaster controls into one machine. The desired roast can be profiled and logged, and then the computer takes control to easily (and perfectly) repeat roast profiles. The beauty of automated profile software is that it allows flawless consistency every single time.

Our profiling software is the next generation of roasting technology, allowing anyone to roast coffee with a Besca. In manual mode, the operator has full control to craft the perfect roast, log and store the profile. Then, with just a few taps, that profile can be repeated again and again. Our fully automated roasters can even load the green coffee and dump the roasted beans at the perfect time.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, we offer financing for individuals with good credit at a competitive rate. You can download an application form here.


Besca has its own automation software, which has been designed to offer the easiest roasting experience possible. Preheat and end-of-day functions offer faster warmup and cooldown, allowing for more batches to be roasted per day. Also included is advanced profiling, allowing for each roast to be saved and repeated automatically. While many manufacturers offer this, what is unique to Besca coffee roasters is the ability to adjust variables (such as fan level and drum speed) after the profile has been saved, allowing for even more control.

World-renowned Components

We pride ourselves on working with leading parts suppliers familiar to the coffee industry. This is especially important for the fundamental parts including electrical components, motors, and gearboxes. This means that, in the future, if spare parts are required they are easily found anywhere in the world.