Do BESCA ROASTERS equipment have CE certificate?

Yes, All BESCA ROASTERS product range has CE certificate and you will get a softcopy of this certificate inside the CD that will be provided with your equipment.

Do you have any electrical roaster?

Yes, BSC-02 and BSC-05 models have electrical supply option.

What is the exhaust chimney connection dimensions?

You may find the pipe diameter information for all models here

What is the difference between a manual and automated roaster

The manual is the most basic control setup. The operator is responsible for controlling the drum speed, roast fan speed, and the flame intensity with digital controls. Our manual roasters can connect to third-party profiling software, but control of the roaster is always up to the operator.

With our automated roasters, a touchscreen control desk puts the profiling software and roaster controls in the same machine. This gives the operator extremely precise controls in manual mode, and allows the computer to take control when desired for easy repeat roasts.

Our profiling software is the next generation of roasting technology. Anyone can roast coffee with a Besca. In manual mode, the operator has full control to craft the perfect roast, store the profile, and with just a few taps, that profile can be repeated. Our fully automated roasters can even load the green coffee, and dump the roasted beans at the perfect time.

What is the required space for the equipment?

You may find the layout dimensions for all models here

Do you have any dealer or aftersales team in Europe?

Yes, for some countries we have dealers and aftersales team. Also, we have a team in Romania and Ireland that provides coffee roasting courses. For the regions that we do not have any aftersales team for now, our mobile support team in the factory is ready to help you anytime.

Can I use any PC profile software with your machines?

Yes, all of our machines have standard PC connection USB port and you may connect to any PC profile program in order track your roasting profile. Related set-up instructions needed for the thermocouple types can be found in user’s manual.

Do I need to buy any installation service?

For the machines up to 15kg batch, there is no need to hire any installation service, but If you need, we are ready to supply.

For the industrial segment (starting from 30kg), it is possible to set the machine up by your technicians, but we strongly recommend to use our installation service.

Can Besca Roasters be used to roast cacao?

Yes, all besca roasters feature a variable speed drum, roaster fan, and flame intensity. This allows the user to roast cacao and coffee on the same machine with no alterations!