Commercial Coffee Roasters

Why Choose Besca For Your Commercial Coffee Roaster?

When you buy a Besca commercial coffee roaster, we want you to be proud of your purchase. We know this is a big commitment, which is why we are so confident that you will be satisfied for years to come. Besca roasters are designed and built to the highest possible standards, using quality materials to ensure that your roaster will last you a lifetime. And, at Besca USA, you can count on superlative service for as long as required. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and on our dedication to helping you roast the best coffee possible.

We started Besca USA because we saw a gap in the market, a gap that we knew needed filling with quality. Coffee roasters are hugely expensive machines, with the most expensive reaching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if you can’t afford to spend that much, your options are limited. You could risk a cut-price purchase of something that might work, or might not, but even if it does you will probably have issues with reliability.

240 KG commercial coffee roaster

Hugely expensive or frighteningly cheap—there’s no real in between. Until now.

Besca commercial coffee roasters are built to be sturdy workhorses enhanced with the latest in automation technology. Turkish craftsmanship and industry-leading international suppliers means that you can trust your roaster to last for years. And, with an accessible price point, Besca is the perfect choice for startup coffee companies and established brands looking to expand.  So why Besca?


Located in the historic coastal city of Izmir, Turkey, Besca has been designing and manufacturing premium coffee roasters since 2016. Using the finest Turkish steel, Besca builds each roaster by hand to the highest possible standards, ensuring that each roaster sold will stand the test of time. Turkey is the world’s 8th largest steel producer, using state-of-the-art technology and modern infrastructure to deliver top quality components in the most efficient manner. And, because the majority of Turkish steelmakers use electric arc furnaces, producing steel in Turkey emits less than half the global average of CO2, making it the greener choice.

Coffee has a long history in Turkey. Everyone’s favorite beverage reached Turkey in the 16th Century when an Ottoman governor stationed in Yemen fell in love with the drink and introduced it to his home country. Turkish coffee, the thick, strong bubbly liquid beloved of much of the world, spread outwards from Istanbul to ports in Europe and beyond. That love of coffee is still strong in Turkey, even if tea has become the drink of choice for many.

Pride in their coffee translates to pride in their coffee roasters, from design through to manufacture. Besca prides itself on the care and attention taken with each coffee roaster produced, and that passion will become apparent when you hit the On button and the machine hums into life for the first time.


Besca USA was started out of a deep love and respect for coffee and the machines that produce it. At AGK Automation, our affiliated service company, we have been troubleshooting and maintaining coffee machinery for years. From coffee packaging system installation to custom panel building, we’ve seen it all and worked on it.

We love coffee, which is why we knew, when we first visited Turkey and saw the Besca roaster manufacturing system for ourselves, that we wanted to bring these amazing machines to the United States. The chance to provide people with their first, second or ninth commercial coffee roaster was a dream for us, and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to do so now with our new showroom in Dansville, Michigan.

It’s important that you are able to meet, talk to and continually contact your roaster sales and technician rep, which is why we are determined to help with whatever questions you might have, no matter the time or day. Personalized, knowledgeable service is our specialty, as we know that this will keep our partners happy and secure for years to come.



At AGK Automation, we have over 50 years of experience as a family owned industrial electrical contractor. We have built a reputation as a reliable and skilled troubleshooter of all kinds of industrial equipment, but our real love is coffee and coffee machines. Once we began working on coffee systems, whether it was industrial coffee roasting equipment or green bean transport systems, we knew this was what we wanted to concentrate on.

We install, automate, diagnose and troubleshoot all sorts of coffee-related equipment. Electrical circuit on your roaster playing up? We can fix that. Coffee packaging system need updating? We can help. Need a new roaster? Now we can handle that too. Our love of coffee combined with our industry experience and technological know-how means we can be relied on to take care of every stage in your coffee roasting set up.


Do you dream of starting your own coffee roasting business? Have you looked at the other coffee roaster options and been put off by the price? We can help you get started, and find the perfect roaster size and set-up for your budget. We pride ourselves on working with each customer individually to work out the best possible solution.

Maybe you are a seasoned coffee roaster with a thriving business with a number of orders which are overwhelming your current machine. We’d love to help you upgrade. We have a number of options, from 30kg commercial coffee roasters all the way to 120kg or 240kg industrial machines. We can handle all your install and automation needs and are here for any questions or concerns you might have going forward.

Commercial Coffee Roasters in Alabama

Aside from coffee roasters, we can also supply your company with a range of related equipment:

  • Destoner silo—a storage container with a built-in cleaning system to filter out foreign materials post-roasting. This protects your coffee grinder from damage by foreign objects like stones and ensures that your roasted coffee is free of sticks, stones and other materials that could harm a customer’s grinder.

  • Green coffee loader—a pneumatic conveying system to transport green beans into the coffee roaster hopper. Especially useful for larger roasters, the loader takes the heavy lifting out of coffee roasting. For roasters 15kg and above.

  • Afterburner—for more environmentally friendly coffee roasting, the afterburner ensures that harmful particulates are kept out of the atmosphere, allowing you to adhere to even the strictest environmental standards. For roasters 30kg and above.

We also offer ongoing technical support and servicing—at AGK Automation we believe that a relationship shouldn’t end the moment the first purchase is completed. Our goal is to build ongoing relationships, offering top-quality service and support for as long as needed. We love fixing things, so we are always willing to assist with any job no matter how small.


Besca commercial coffee roasters are expertly engineered in Turkey, designed to last and to look good doing it. All Besca roasters are built by hand with durable, high-quality steel parts, and powered by a 4-motor direct drive system. We take pride in the quality and workmanship that goes into each machine, so you can roast for years safe in the knowledge that we are on hand to help with any servicing and support.

Besca roaster drums are built with about 20% more capacity than most other roasters, allowing them to handle the maximum stated roasting amount with no downsizing calculations needed. No risk of burning or irregular consistency—with a Besca roaster, you can fill to capacity with complete confidence that your coffee will come out exactly as expected each time.

With a perforated plate at the back of the drum and a protective middle plate over the burner, a steady heat transfer is maintained using a combination of convection and conduction, while a controllable heat flow inside the drum maintains consistency in every roast.

Options range from 1kg shop roasters through 30kg commercial coffee roasters all the way up to 240kg industrial machines. Every roaster is built with the same care and attention, so no matter your budget you can be confident that you will be getting the best possible machine.


At Besca USA, we pride ourselves on standing apart from the pack. What makes our commercial coffee roasters different from other machines?

  • Low Carbon Steel: Low carbon steel has lower heat conductivity than stainless steel and is easier to work with, thus allowing for more even roasts. Low carbon steel is also durable and reliable, allowing for the roaster to be used to its full potential.

  • Double Walled Drum: While most coffee roasters have double walled drums, very few offer it as standard. At Besca, every roaster comes with a double walled drum as standard, thus enhancing and maintaining the ideal convective roasting temperatures.

  • Stronger Fans: Besca exhaust and cooling fans are stronger than other brands. A powerful exhaust fan gives you a broader control over airflow range, which allows for more consistent roasts. A strong cooling fan, meanwhile, allows for efficient cooling of the roasted beans, thus avoiding the problem of the freshly roasted beans baking as they cool slowly in the tray.

  • Thick Heat Insulation: Besca commercial coffee roasters have thicker body insulation than most brands, which prevents heat loss and allows for more efficient roasting.

  • Cast Iron Front Plate: Cast iron has very low heat conduction, which is why we use it for the front plate on the roaster. This prevents heat loss and allows for more consistent heat distribution within the drum.

  • Thermocouples: Unlike many competitor brands, Besca roasters have two thermocouples, one for bean temperature and one for exhaust temperature, allowing for more accurate data collection and roast profiling.

  • Control Panel: All Besca commercial coffee roasters have a separate control panel, which allows the flexibility of adjusting the location to the operators’ preference.

  • Controls: Besca controls allow the operator to control flame, exhaust fan speed, and drum speed. These variables are key to roasting the best coffee possible, and give the operator the most flexibility while allowing complete command over the roast.

  • PC Connection: All our models can be connected to an external computer through a USB port. This allows operators to connect to well-known roast profiling software such as Artisan and Cropster.

  • Software: Besca has its own automation software, which has been designed to offer the easiest roasting experience possible. Preheat and end-of-day functions offer faster warmup and cooldown, allowing for more batches to be roasted per day. Also included is advanced profiling, allowing for each roast to be saved and repeated automatically. While many manufacturers offer this, what is unique to Besca coffee roasters is the ability to adjust variables (such as fan level and drum speed) after the profile has been saved, allowing for even more control.

  • World-renowned Components: We pride ourselves on working with leading parts suppliers familiar to the coffee industry. This is especially important for the fundamental parts including electrical components, motors, and gearboxes. This means that, in the future, if spare parts are required they are easily found anywhere in the world.


Besca Roaster


At Besca, we know that the future is automated. That’s why we embrace state-of-the-art technology to offer a sophisticated automation system, with a user-friendly design that ensures ease of operation. Coffee roasting is a complicated, multifaceted process, so having the whole thing automated can free you up to concentrate on growing your business.

While every roaster can be operated manually, we’re here to tell you that our automation system is the best around. Enjoy efficient, optimized automation—our coffee roaster autopilot system takes your personalized profiles and repeats them, perfectly, each and every time. Every action, every roast, can be recorded and monitored at the touch of a button for exceptional consistency and peace of mind.

With our automated roasters, a touchscreen control desk puts the profiling software and roaster controls into one machine. The desired roast can be profiled and logged, and then the computer takes control to easily and reliably repeat roast profiles. The beauty of automated profile software is that it allows flawless uniformity every single time. Our fully automated roasters can even load the green coffee and dump the roasted beans at the perfect time, allowing even more consistency.

Profiling software, touchscreen displays, and an intuitive interface allow anyone to roast like a pro, and for those looking for more control, all Besca roasters include a USB port for easy connection to any PC profiling program. We strive to make it as easy as possible for anyone to roast coffee, and with the Besca automated system, anyone can.


Coffee is a delicate plant. While growing, any number of environmental stressors can alter the final product, from drought to wind to too much sun. Once it is picked, processed, and shipped to the US, it becomes more stable. Jute bags and plastic liners allow the green beans to be stored for extended periods of time before roasting (although they will begin to degrade if left too long).

When it comes to roasting, the delicate nature of the bean returns to the forefront. Many outside influences like the weather or the ambient temperature of the facility can affect the roasting process, making the roaster work harder or extending the roasting process. Our automation system can help mitigate these factors, as the more you use it the more it learns about your setup and roasting preferences.

To ensure an even, consistent roast, the heat must be transferred to every bean in the drum equally. Some roasters use a single wall stainless steel drum, which offers less reliable heat transfer and can lead to scorching of the beans. All Besca roasters, by comparison, come standard with a low-carbon steel double walled drum, facilitating a smooth and even heat transfer with no hot spots or burning of the beans. Utilizing conductive thermal transfer and convection currents, our roasters are meticulously designed to give the most delicious roasts possible.

commercial coffee bean roaster


At AGK Automation, the service and support affiliate of Besca USA, we go above and beyond to respond to all coffee roaster-related maintenance needs. From installing state of the art automated systems to troubleshooting, repairing or upgrading obsolete machinery and beyond, our team has you covered anywhere in the world.

Our skilled technicians can help with regular servicing of your roaster and all your other coffee packaging and sorting equipment. We handle diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repair for all your needs, from your commercial coffee roaster itself to all sorts of associated equipment. We work on green bean transport, dust collection, roasted coffee transport, and coffee packaging systems among many others.

Our years of experience in numerous diverse coffee roasting and packaging facilities have taught us how to find solutions for all the unique demands of this industry. With our knowledge of different systems both old and new, we can offer the best that the electrical trade has to offer, and our long list of recommendations from coffee companies all over the world reflects that.

We can help with wiring and installation of all equipment, as well as ongoing service and troubleshooting and electrical system optimization and planning and consultation, all from our headquarters in central Michigan. We’d love to talk with you about how AGK can help with your coffee-related electrical needs—please visit our site at to find out more.


You love coffee. You want to roast coffee. Now you just have to learn how. At Besca USA, we offer a range of classes and training opportunities for our partners to visit our showroom and learn the ins and outs of the Besca commercial roaster range. We have started small and simple with a Roaster 101 class that covers the basics of roasting and how it relates to our state-of-the-art machines. In the future, we hope to expand our repertoire to include Barista 101 and Coffee Marketing 101 classes, as well as many more.

We want you to succeed, and we know how hard it can be to start a new coffee business. Knowledge is power, and taking a Besca USA class will set you up to be as successful as possible in your new venture. And if you need to brush up on your skills, or take one of our forthcoming advanced classes, we can help you out there too.


A Besca commercial coffee roaster is more than just a coffee roaster. It is also possible to roast cacao with zero modifications to the machine, allowing for a separate and lucrative income stream. Cacao, much like coffee, is full of antioxidants (up to three times as much as green tea!) and is also a good source of magnesium. Being able to sell house roasted cocoa products to your customers alongside freshly roasted coffee is sure to be a draw, and at Besca we are delighted to be able to offer this option to our partners.


So why should you buy your next coffee roaster from Besca USA?

  • Conveniently located in central Michigan, allowing us easy access to the entire United States for installation and service.

  • Passionate about coffee and coffee roasters—our experience with AGK Automation means we know all about industrial coffee plants and the equipment that goes into them, and we have worked on all sorts of coffee machinery over the years.

  • Forward-thinking—we offer advanced features on every roaster we sell, whether it is a 2kg shop roaster or a 240kg commercial coffee roaster. Superior automation software makes coffee roasting easy and consistent, and modern components mean that your roaster will stand up to the rigours of modern coffee roasting for years to come.

  • At your service—we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our partners. From installation at your facility to ongoing tech support and troubleshooting help, we are here to help you get the most out of your machine.

As a family-owned, Michigan-based company, with Besca USA you can be sure of receiving the best product and best service possible. We are proud of our coffee roasters—in fact, we use one ourselves for our affiliated Backwoods Coffee Company— and would love to speak with you about supplying your next machine. Contact us at +1-888-999-1626 or fill out our contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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