Besca BSC-120 Coffee Roaster

Best for Large Production!

General View

Batch Capacity  Min 66 LB

Batch Capacity  Max 264.6 LB

Controls  Air flow,Drum speed

Roasting Time  12-18 min

Cooling Time  4-5 min

Fuel Type  LPG, NG and Propane

Power Requirement  9,5 kW

Supplied Voltages

  • 220-240V 60Hz Three Phase
  • 440-480V 60Hz Three Phase

Technical Specifications

Min Batch Kg 30 Kg
Min Batch Lb 66 Lb
Max Batch Kg 120 Kg
Max Batch Lb 264.6 Lb
Hourly Output Kg 480 Kg/Hr
Hourly Output Lb 1058.25 Lb/Hr
Cycle time(Roasting) 12-18 Minutes
Cycle Time (Cooling) 4-5 Minutes
Burner Capacity (Btu/Hr) 1,194,250 Btu/Hr
Burner Capacity (kcal/hr or (kW) 350 kW
Required Gas Pressure Mbar 30-50 mbar
Gas Inlet size 3/4"-1"
Electrical Requirement (kW) 8.95 kW
Supply Voltage Options 220-240V 60Hz Three Phase OR 440-480V 60Hz Three Phase
Hot Air Exhaust Diameter (inches) 10"
Cool Air Exhaust Diameter (Inches) 14"
Height (Inches) 138"
Width (Inches) 177"
Depth (Inches) 169.25"
Weight (Kg) 2,950 Kg
Weight (Lb) 6,504 Lb
Packed Dimensions (Inches) W*L*H Varies with options
Operation Options Manual, Semi-Automatic (BSC-A4) or Fully Automatic (BSC-H4)
Profile Program (optional) Besca Profile Software (BSC-PC)
Loader options 120 Kg Green Coffee Loader (BSC-L3)
Destoner Silo Options 150 Kg Destoner Silo (BSC-D3) 250 Kg Destoner Silo (BSC-D4) 400 Kg Destoner Silo (BSC-D5)
Afterburner 120 Kg Afterburner (BSC-F3)