Besca BSC-02 Two Kilo Coffee Roaster

2 Kg Batch Roaster – Capable of roasting over 24 pounds per hour! Perfect for small roasteries, as well as cafe’s and startups!

General View

Batch Capacity:  Min 1 LB

Batch Capacity:  Max 4.4 LB

Controls:  Drum speed, Air & Gas flow

Roasting Time:  10-13 min

Cooling Time:  2-3 min

Fuel Type:  Natural/Propane Gas

(electric heating option available upon request)

Power Requirement:  6.5 Amps @ 220v 60hz

Supplied Voltage: 220-240V 60Hz Single Phase



Even heat transfer is essential to the roasting process. By utilizing an extra thick double wall drum and a thick heat exchanger plate, Besca Roasters conducts smooth, even heat to each and every bean, every time. The perforated backplate and extended drum volume allow convection currents to flow around the coffee evenly and controllably, allowing the user to unlock the perfect flavor in every bean.

Commercial Coffee Roasters in Arkansas


Precision adjustments put you in control of the roast!

All BESCA ROASTERS include digital drum speed and air flow controls as well as precision flame control. Upgrading to a Semi-Automated Profile Roasting system gives the operator even greater control and flexibility. Touchscreen controls and easily repeatable roast profiles means that product consistency can be achieved with a few taps on the screen!


Work hard and never stop!

In order to provide the best quality roasters, BESCA ROASTERS works only with industry-standard, international suppliers, so parts are always readily available if needed.

All BESCA ROASTERS are powered with a 4 motor direct drive system. With its superior hand-crafted steel parts, a BESCA ROASTER is your silent and durable friend, year in and year out.


Safety First!! All BESCA ROASTERS are provided with an electronic ignition and gas valve control system. If at any time the control panel senses a flame failure, it automatically cuts off the gas supply.



Be a consistent supplier!

All BESCA ROASTERS come standard with a USB pc connection port, so that you may connect your roaster to any pc profile program you choose.

Our BESCA ROASTERS Automation and Roast Profiling software upgrade provides a user-friendly roasting experience with simple to use, powerful controls and easily repeatable roast profiles. Control every aspect of the roasting process with precision touch controls, then save your profile to be used again and again with just a few clicks. Consistency is at your fingertips!


Min Batch Kg 0.5 Kg
Min Batch Lb 1 lb
Max Batch Kg 2 Kg
Max Batch Lb 4.4 Lb
Hourly Output Kg 11 Kg/Hr
Hourly Output Lb 24.25 Lb/Hr
Cycle time(Roasting) 10-13 Minutes
Cycle Time (Cooling) 2-3 Minutes
Burner Capacity (Btu/Hr) 59,486 Btu/Hr
Burner Capacity (kcal/hr or (kW) 15,000 kcal/hr
Required Gas Pressure Mbar 30-50 mbar
Gas Inlet size 1/2"
Electrical Requirement (kW) 0.79 kW
Supply Voltage Options 110-120v 60Hz Single Phase 220-240V 60Hz Single Phase 220-240V 60Hz Three Phase 440-480V 60Hz Three Phase
Hot Air Exhaust Outer Diameter (inches) 4.09" Hot Air Exhaust Inner Diameter (inches) 3.93"
Cool Air Exhaust Outer Diameter (Inches) 4.09" Cool Air Exhaust Inner Diameter (inches) 3.93
Height (Inches) 43.3"
Width (Inches) 20.47"
Depth (Inches) 33.47"
Weight (Kg) 250 Kg
Weight (Lb) 552 Lb
Packed Dimensions (Inches) W*L*H 27.5" x 53" x 50"
Operation Options Manual or Semi-Automatic (BSC-A1)
Profile Program (optional) Besca Profile Software (BSC-PC)
Loader options none
Destoner Silo Options none
Afterburner none