Why is Besca creating quite the buzz in the coffee industry?


Well Built

Besca coffee roasters are beautiful, long lasting, well built and engineered in Turkey. We pride ourselves on fine workmanship with attention to detail. All of our roasters are made with strong, hand worked steel parts, and powered by a 4-motor direct drive system. Advanced high quality parts and components are utilized in every aspect of our design. Besca works only with suppliers that are internationally proven to be reliable and known worldwide. A Besca coffee roaster is your silent and durable friend for years.

Touch Screen = Superior Automation

Phenomenal automation using state of the art technology, we offer user-friendly touchscreen displays that are simple to operate. Every action taken can be recorded and monitored with accurate reporting. This is a simple setup and autopilot system. Create profiles for roasting and enjoy true automation! Our touchscreen enabled roasters are able to consistently maintain an even profile so that even an inexperienced roaster can roast like a pro. All Besca roasters include a PC connection USB port, so that you can connect your roaster to any PC profile program.

Extended Capacity Oversized Drum

Our generous sized drums are made with about 20% larger volume than most others. This means they will handle the full stated maximum roasting amount without any problems with consistency or burning, especially with darker roasts. No downsizing adjustment calculations needed. When you buy our roaster you will get the full amount of capacity as the stated machine size. Our 2 Kg roaster will take all of 2 Kg of coffee with no problem. Same for all sizes we offer. You are getting the full size that you are paying for. Additionally, the extended drum volume aids in convection heat transfer all inside the drum.

Double Wall Drum

In order to have an even roast, the heat must be equally transferred to every bean in the drum. To achieve this, all Besca roasters come standard with a low-carbon steel double walled drum. The double wall low carbon drum results in a smooth, slower, and even heat transfer with no hot spots. Our roasters are superior to those using a single wall stainless steel drum, which can have hot spots and burn or scorch. Scorch marks are not an issue with our roasters, even with our smaller roasters. Using a blend of conductive thermal transfer and convection currents, our roasters are designed to give the most even and consistent roasts possible. With its perforated plate at the back of the drum and preventive middle plate over the burner, a smooth heat transfer is maintained with a blend of convection and conduction. Controllable, strong heat flow inside the drum provides the same perfect taste for every bean.

Right Sized

Our sizes range all the way from 1 Kg small shop roasters to 240 Kg industrial roasters.

Excellent Support

To provide installation, training, and local support, Besca USA has partnered with Michigan based AGK Automation, who is recognized across the globe. Unparalleled customer service and support is assured.


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