Besca is creating quite the buzz in the coffee industry.  Why?  Besca uses the most advanced and quality parts on every aspect of their design.  Besca offer’s anything from 1KG roasters to a custom 200+ KG industrial roaster.  We have partnered with AGK Automation who is recognized across the globe.  Besca USA is a sister company of AGK INC.


All of Besca Roasters products include a PC connection USB cable, so that you can connect your roaster to any PC profile program.  We offer the most “user friendly” touchscreen displays that is simple to run and can be used on any PC of your choice.  Every action taken can be recorded and monitored with accurate reporting.  This is a simple setup and autopilot system.  Create profiles for roasting and enjoy true automation.


In order to have an even roasting, the heat must be equally transferred to every bean in the drum. In order to achieve this, all BESCA ROASTERS come standard with low-carbon steel double walled drum, with extended drum volume in order to have the convection heat transfer all inside the drum.

With its perforated plate at the back of the drum and preventive middle plate over the burner, a smooth heat transfer is maintained with a blend of convection and conduction. Controllable, strong heat flow inside the drum provides the same perfect taste for every bean.


Work hard and never stop!

In order to achieve the best quality roasters, BESCA ROASTERS works only with the suppliers that are internationally proven to be reliable and worldwide known. .

All BESCA ROASTERS are powered with a 4-motor direct drive system and with hand worked strong steel parts, BESCA ROASTERS is your silent and durable friend for years.  We dare you to find a machine that will outlast the Besca models.  It’s something you will truly have to see to believe.