Coffee Roasting: A Great Choice for Business

The earliest knowledge of the coffee tree is from the 15th century, in the Sufi monasteries of Yemen.  Coffee has inspired some of the most amazing and incredible minds all across the globe!  It’s no wonder that the gourmet coffee market is growing with impressive numbers.

According to one study from Harvard University’ The U.S. is in love with coffee—roughly 62% of Americans drink it every day, an all-time high!

The Numbers Keep Climbing

Millennials, a demographic between ages 19 and 34, are pushing U.S. demand to historic recordsaccording to Bloomberg. Because the United States is the biggest consumer of coffee, world demand is growing as well.

If you travel down the road of any college campus across this Nation, you’ll see coffee shops filled with young students laughing and studying all hours of the night. This explains the huge demand for gourmet coffee.

Walmart’s are now filled with local coffee company products and people are drifting away from the cheap sawdust like coffee and turning to organic and fresh arabica beans.  The demand for local roasters is climbing at record numbers and there’s never been a better time to roast coffee.

Plan Properly and invest wisely

If you make the choice to start a roasting business, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’ll sell before you start.  Make sure to buy a big enough roaster to handle the demand.  You should write up a strong business plan and figure out how many bags of coffee it will take in order for you to have a comfortable lifestyle.  It may start as a few bags here and there but before you know it, you’ll be working 7 days per week to meet the demand.  Hiring a good roasting team will also be a great way to free up some of your time and focus on business development.

Introducing Besca USA Coffee Roasters

BESCA USA provides the best roasting equipment to its partners. We use the latest technology and the newest engineering methods in order to maintain the best quality.

Every BESCA ROASTER machine is built to provide the most flexible and stable coffee roasting process for the users. A BESCA ROASTER user is able to control every step of the roasting process in order to get the best taste of coffee.

All BESCA ROASTERS come standard with digital drum speed and hot air flow control and a valve & gauge gas control. You may manually adjust your roasters actions for every step, or with our additional pc profile automation system you may predefine the roaster actions. You may even keep the track of your roasting and repeat them in your future roasting.

Top Level Design – Engineered to Impress and Built to amaze

  • Double wall drum with extended drum capacity,
  • Long-lasting, worldwide known and durable components
  • Digital drum speed and exhaust fan speed control
  • 2 thermocouples for bean and exhaust temperature
  • Manual gas control with manometer
  • NP type high performance burners
  • Gas safety device and automatic ignition
  • 4 direct drive motors
  • Fast cooling with strong suction fans
  • PC connection (compatible with every PC profile program)